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Dive into a journey of knowledge and discovery as Dr. Lorenz shares their expertise through podcasts, radio talks, blogs and magazine features—empowering valuable insights into the fascinating realm of women's sexual health.

Podcasts and video talks:



  • New York Times: Does Frequent Sex Prime the Immune System for Pregnancy? (
  • Washington Post: Here’s why more sex, even on ‘off’ days, may up your chances of pregnancy (   
  • Washington Post: “Study of menopause finds fewer hot flashes among women with small children” (
  • The Independent: “Having more sex makes the female body more fertile, US scientists discover” (
  • Daily Mail: “Sex drive ruined by antidepressants? Just 30 minutes of exercise can help” (
  • Reuters: “Antidepressants have sexual side effects in teens, too” (


  • Mind Body Green: “Does Masturbation Affect Immunity? What Research & Experts Say” (
  • Medium: “The Least Germy Way to Have Sex When You’re Sick” (
  • Huffington Post: “More Sex May Help Fertility, And Not For The Reason You Think” (
  • Gizmodo (Throb): “Want to Get Pregnant? Have Sex All Month Long, Not Just During Ovulation” (
  • Huffington Post: “Exercise Before Sex Increases Sex Drive In Women Taking Antidepressants: Study”
  • AARP Bulletin: “Could Grandkids Help Cure Hot Flashes?” (
  • Health and Vitality: “5 Questions with psychologist, sex researcher Tierney Lorenz” (